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Data Tech & Web Development

We craft non-existing innovative solutions that perfectly fit our clients’ needs > RPA (robotic process automation): We work with complex flows to handle, optimize, and transform manual processes. RPA optimization enables a better experience for consumers and users, while digital transformation raises the firm’s productivity. > PIM… Read More

Asia Marketing

China represents ⅔ of profits for many CAC 40 firms. However, it also remains a black hole for most companies. Nowadays, the best business opportunities are in China, and adapting to Chinese Business Standards has thus become an unavoidable and very pressing need. Strategy: up-skilling, auditing digital Chinese… Read More

Ecommerce & eRetail Marketing

Amidst COVID and repeated confinements, consumer behaviours have deeply evolved. Purchasing decisions now happen at the conjunction of Google and Amazon (whose importance keeps growing). Beyond the discrete opportunity it once represented, e-Commerce accounts for half the sales of most brands. You need to be eRetail ready. Inspiration:… Read More

Sciences & Innovation Marketing

Consumers have entered the “Yuka”-era, where scanning barcodes to better understand labels is a perfectly normal behavior. In this context, ingredients making the products we consume, their formulations, as well as the ideology governing industrial decisions have become a leading topic. Few experts are specialized in this field,… Read More

Social Marketing

Social Media is dead, long live Social Marketing! Uncovering weak signals in conversations with followers and mentioners, understanding patterns of search intentions, building strategies dedicated to content, influence or advocacy, putting social media on the social commerce path, or even freeing the rest of client relations from their… Read More